Our Work

HOPE Container

The Hope Container is exactly that, a container unit that is filled to the brim with hope, and by ‘hope’ we mean an incredible variety of secondhand goods, donations and products that we sell on to provide our village and community exactly what they need, in their time of need. See, hope and by hope, we mean to uplift our local community with the space and partnership to start their own business- entrepreneurship in its most simple form.

It has been tough, but to date we have assisted with the likes of a second-hand shop and a bakery. Both of which have been taken on by those individuals themselves. In these instances, we have welcomed that we are assisting with skills training. It starts in a container and is then taken into our community at large.

If you have second hand goods that you would be happy to see sold off to provide funds for a good cause, please reach out, we would be so grateful to take them off your hands.

If you would like to see what we have available to maybe make a purchase or two, please stop by to investigate. (FYI: our inventory moves and changes quickly, so make sure you don’t miss out).

Please know that any donation of any kind, will always be incredibly well received, but more importantly, if you stop by for a visit yourself, so will you.