Our Work

Summerhill House Village

We don’t build houses, we build families.

More than a house, a child needs a Home and Family.

In life, no matter how far we go, both literally and figuratively… we always want to come home. Home is the safest place we know. It’s where we learn about love and life, where we get guidance and reassurance. It’s where we remember being carefree… ‘Home’ is synonymous then, with security, and family.

At Summerhill House we provide for children who have, through dire circumstances, lost the opportunity to ‘come home’. We offer them, not just a place of refuge… but also, the most important thing of all. Love, provided by ‘family’.

Our desire is to create a village of families where children who have been orphaned or abandoned will receive holistic care and find a place to belong and thrive, in a secure and loving family environment.

This is not an orphanage or institution but rather a vibrant community, which consists of individual homes where each child is placed in a family unit that consists of a Mom and siblings, allowing them to grow up knowing the value of a healthy, functional family.

Our commitment is to raise these children to adulthood to become a generation of young leaders. Our hope is that as adults they will go on to contribute positively back into our nation.

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