Our Work

Summerhill Community

Our Summerhill House Community Centre is a safe, fun-loving space, where our team (and volunteers) are focused on and dedicated to our communities children, providing them with resources to help them grow, learn and reach their full potential. All this is done with love and patience.

Where our Village focuses on long term foster care, our community work focuses on the children (or other dependents) living with their families, who visit Summerhill House for assistance, care, or help. While children are our priority, we recognize that often to assist a child, you must help their family.

The community children that we serve at Summerhill House all come from diverse and different backgrounds and homes – happy/sad, single parent/Gogo/child-headed, poverty/comfort. For all these differences, there remain many similarities: namely, all the children have either been touched by insufficiency or adversity of some kind.

We assist on the educational front, by helping with reading and homework during the school term. Our sports initiatives are there to not only maintain physical health but also teach the children about teamwork, while simultaneously providing a safe social environment for them.

Holiday feeding is the community children’s favorite time of year; it’s the school holidays, they get a hot meal and there’s a full day of fun activities put together by our team for all weekdays.

The community centre also cares for families in crisis, by assisting those who struggle with successfully applying for birth certificates, identity documents and grants. We traditionally take on 15 families a month by providing them with food parcels, while we assist them to sort out their required documentation. A process which can take anywhere between 6-months and 3 years.

Our community initiatives include:

  • Feeding: Holiday Feeding and Crisis Families
  • Education: Homework and Reading Assistance Initiatives
  • Youth
  • Sports (soccer and netball) Initiatives
  • Church
  • Social Aid (social care)

Covid Relief – Stats and Impact

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